Alternative Investments

What are Alternative Investments?

Alternative Investments are investment vehicles other  than real-estate, stocks, 401ks or bonds. The term covers a relatively large spectrum of mostly tangible assets including  gold rare coins, rare stamps, art, antiques, baseball cards and wine. Some intangible investments include financial derivatives, vested venture capital, private equity, futures and hedge funds.

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Characteristics Alternative Investments

Individuals involved in Alternative Investments are often doing it as a hobby! Could you imagine someone paying off their house with baseball cards? Some are doing just that by selling just part of their inventory and having a deep understanding of the market value of their assets.

Alternative investments Baseball cardsAlternative Investment products seldom fluctuate in price as the stock market and are often harder to liquidate. There is always a market for Alternative Investments. However, it may me hard to determine the value of the asset. Care must be taken when purchasing these assets as there is often limited historical data to base your future expectations on.

My Online Alternative Investments

When I got into investing in stocks and futures I went in with the idea I was going to make things happen. I did a lot of research and managed my own brokerage accounts and picked investment vehicles that were highly leveraged. I didn’t mind doing the work but leveraged money comes with leveraged stress! Day in and day out of crazy market moves or none at all got to me so I looked for other places where I could put my money that would be safe from inflation and have the potential to explode to the upside.





3 thoughts on “Alternative Investments

  1. There is a dark cloud settling over this country. Pretty soon, the right investment is going to be the only way folks can survive!

  2. I think alternative investments are exciting! They ARE NOT part of the BIG THREE investment vehicles: cash, bonds and stocks. Alternative investment vehicles have normally only been readily available to a select few of well informed alternative investors.

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