Rare Stamps for investing

Rare Stamps as an Investment

Rare stamps as stamp investment

Rare stamps as an invstmentWhat rare stamps should you invest in? The key is to look for strong market movements and trends.  Because of the lack of stamp investors, it doesn’t take much demand within a trend   to create  volatility in the price of the rare stamps. The selection of rare stamps as stamp investment must be based on the attainability and quality of the stamp.  Continue:  RARE STAMPS AS STAMP INVESTMENT

Rare stamps and the rarest stamps ever printed

Collecting rare postage stamps is  no longer just for children and teenagers, adults are equally fascinated by the rares stamps ever printed. Some of the rarest stamps ever printed, like the Treskilling Yellow stamp,  has an estimated value of  $2 million.  Some more of the best known and the rarest stamps ever printed include: The Bull’s Eye,  Penny Black, British Guiana, Mauritius, Inverted Jenny, Basel Dove and the Benjamin Franklin Z Grill.

Rare stamps. Finding the value of rare stamps

Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are evidently worth much more than the newer stamps.  Normally the value of old postage stamps depends on the availability of similar stamp specimens. Aside from the stamps age, the condition and rarity of the stamp, are just as important as the stamp itself.


Rare stamps that are the most expensive stamps

On the last auction price, the most valuable and most expensive stamps would have to be
the, unique 1857 ‘Tre Skilling Banco’ Swedish stamp. It was auctioned to a sweden dealer for 2.87 million swiss francs, which will be about,  $2.3 million.


Rare stamps to sell


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