Rarest Stamps EverIn postage stamp collecting, the lack of availability will significantly increases the value of the rarest stamps.
The One Penny Black features the bust of England’s Queen Victoria, and it was the first ever stamp to be printed, it is the rarest and most valuable stamp ever.
Even after the printing of the rarest stamps they remained attached and had to be cut with scissors in the olden days. Today, unused Penny Black stamps are some of the rarest stamps every rare to find. The current market value of a rarest stamp ever as an unused One Penny Black stamp is around $3, 000 US Dollars.

Rarest stamps of them all

The rarest stamps of them all and the most valuable if you happen to have one lying around somewhere. Another extremely valuable and rarest  stamp ever, is the Blue Penny, which actually lacked the countries name when it was printed. This is one of the earlier stamps printed in Britain. Another one of the rarest stamps  is the ‘Mauritius Post Office Error’ Stamps, printed in 1847. What makes these some of the rarest stamps is the fact that the words “Post Office”, instead of “Post Paid” were printed on them.
The mistake on one of the rarest stamps ever, the Mauritius error stamps was accidentally printed by a jittery designer when the governor’s wife rushed him to make these postage stamps to be used on the inaugural ball invitations.” Hawaii Missionary Stamps (1851) are also some of the rarest  stamps ever printed  in the world.  A mint rare stamp or an unused set or of eight of the Hawaiian Missionary stamps has a rare stamp price costing up to $100,000. The valuable rarest Missionary stamps were the first and oldest stamps in Hawaii.  British Guiana 1-cent Magenta Stamp (1856) Also one of the world most rarest and valuable stamps, these stamps were sold at an auction in 1970 for $280,000.
At present, this rare stamp value is estimated over a million dollars. There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever.
The New Brunswick stamp “Connell’s Folly” stamps (1859), was made controversial, after the postmaster general Charles Connell, used his own portrait on the 5 cent stamp.
The public denounced Connell for his subtle propaganda, which made this stamp rare and valuable.
The U.S. “Inverted Airmail” postage stamp (1918), Today, an Inverted Airmail has a rare postage stamp value at about $42,500.
However, the face value of this highly valuable stamp, is 24 cents. Rare, but true as it can still be used as an invetsment.

RAREST STAMPS EVER PRINTED Or at least some of the most expensive.

The Treskilling Yellow stamp (1855), valued at a  estimated of around $2.5 million Swiss Francs. This may not be the rarest stamps ever in the world, but it is one of the most expensive stamps.

Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill stamp (1868), with this stamps tiny squares embossed onto the back of the stamp to absorb the ink, this rare stamp is valued at around $2.97 million.
The Z Grill stamps are in the list of the rarest stamps ever printed in  America because there are only two surviving copies.
Scinde Dawk stamp (1852), the Dawk, or Dak, is an old postal service in Asia that is carried by runners also makes the list of  rarest stamps ever printed. These rare British stamps carry the Merchant’s Mark of East India Company. India’s first prepaid postage stamps are available for £1,000.00 a piece.

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