Ways to Buy Gold

Ways to Buy Gold as a hobby Or For Hedging


Ways to buy gold

Though there are several ways to buy gold, every method is not recommended for serious gold bugs. In addition to buying separate forms of gold, the prospective gold owner has several options for choosing different types of sellers. From coins through a television advertisement to gold bars sold through financial institutions, the buyer has several options to consider.

Ways to Buy Gold #1  Collector’s Coins

Many people are familiar with the decorative collector’s coins that are sold through television advertisements. The commercials often declare that the coin is rare and more valuable than the price for which the coins are being sold. Companies that manufacture and sell these coins usually produce a limited amount to increase the perception of the coin as being valuable since it is a rare coin.
Decorative coins may have designs with dyes for color or other additives for texture which decreases the value of the coin since these additives are impurities. Expert gold buyers often view these coins as collector’s items only and not for the serious hedger.

Ways to Buy Gold #2 Gold Bars

Serious gold buyers often turn to gold bullion bars for their gold acquisition needs. The gold bars can be purchased through some government mints, certified sellers approved by the mint, and some banks. The gold bullion bars can be bought and stored on site at some mints. The gold buyer must pay a storage fee to keep the gold bars at the mint. Other gold buyers choose to have their bars delivered and store the bars themselves.  ( You can get  gold bars without using out of pocket money and free gold storage .. see below )

Ways to Buy Gold #3 Gold Bullion Coins

Mints commonly sell gold in coin form as well as bars. The bullion gold coins are higher quality than collector’s coins. The gold bullion coins are similar to having bars. Some gold buyers prefer gold coins, because they feel that the gold bullion in the form of coins is easier to sell and trade than gold bars.
The gold bars and gold bullion coins can be purchased through websites for select mints. A mint may not sell directly to customers but rather through their certified gold dealers. In the United States, these dealers for the U.S. Mint are numerous and located throughout the country. Prospective gold buyers can visit a local dealer and learn about the options that are available for purchasing gold bullion.

Ways to Buy Gold #4 Gold Stocks and Funds

Buying gold is not restricted to an individual purchase of gold that’s stored by the buyer. The modern gold buyer can purchase shares of gold funds, stocks, or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). The gold market funds are backed by actual gold without requiring the gold buyer to handle, store, or trade gold bars or coins. The fund transactions to buy or sell gold shares are easier than trading or selling physical forms of the gold.
Gold buyers can diversify their ways to acquire gold by choosing more than one of the ways to buy gold. The prospective gold buyer can consider their goals, storage availability or fees, and the ease of reselling or trading the gold to determine which ways to buy gold are the best for their needs.


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