Investing In Rare Coins

Investing In Rare Coins For Dummies

Investing in rare coinsInvesting in rare coins is a fun hobby and for those fortunate enough to have  already established their own  rare old currency collection,  it may very well be a profitable one to.   For those brand new to investing in rare coins,  or if you are looking to buy something for a coin collecting  enthusiast,  you may find the following terms and general information useful.

Investing In Rare Coins With Care

Investing in rare coins always takes in consideration the “Mint” When a coin is in supreme condition, it is then considered to be in “mint condition”. The term “mint” is also used when describing the making of the coin. When investing in rare coins, investors are always looking for the best prices for mint condition coins.
invest in rare coinsWhen investors invest in rare coins they often keep them in an “Album” Rare coin albums are specially designed books that display both the front and back of the rare coin collector’s collection.
Invest in rare coinsRare coin investor often buy coins that are protected in ” Coin Holders” Coin holders are made of either plastic or cardboard and are designed to protect the rare coins from further degradation.
Invest in rare coinsWhen rare coin collectors inspect mint coins, they use a “Loupe”. A loupe is a small magnifying glass that enables coin collectors to closely inspect the rare coins for defects and asses the rare coins value.Invest in rare coinsThose investing in rare coins always have more than one kind of “Coin Cleaner” on hand. Rare coin collectors use different chemical solutions on silver, gold and copper coins to increase their value.

Investing In Rare Coins guide

Points to consider when investing in rare coins.

Carefully consider the source when investing in rare coins. Have they been in business very long? Do others consider them a reliable source of rare coins? The reputation of the coin can not be taken lightly.For example,  TV shopping channels are  constantly  selling  Mint coins many times over the price of the same coins would cost at  a local coin dealer. Even the National Collector’s Mint has been accused of misleading those investing in rare coins  with false advertisements.   One of National Collector’s Mint’s  most notable  incidents involved the  “Freedom Tower” coins. They made claims the coins contained precious metals when in fact they did not.  Franklin Mint as well as the  other premium collectibles mints market coins containing real precious metals however, beware of the markup.  Investors investing in rare coins will often end up paying  4 times as much for the silver bullion contained within the rare coins.

Theme coin sets or  Spurious sets have genuine value and will appreciate in value, however the markup for the elaborate packaging makes it impossible for them to be worth what those investing in rare coins paid for them anytime soon.

Smart Investing In Rare Coins

Buy Key dates in the highest grade you can afford.  As a rule of thumb,  coins of lower grade or common coins do not increase in value with the same ratio as those which are rare and of higher quality.

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  1. I know of a few people who invested in a metal detector in hopes of finding rare coins and acquiring their rare coin collection for free! (ok I’ll admit it, I invested in a fisher metal detector that’s good at finding rare coins. 🙂 The metal detector will indicate the depth and metal composition of rare coins , but not the year! Grin )

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