Pat Robertson Buy Gold

Pat Robertson Has Said To Buy Gold For A Long Long Time

Pat Robertson buy gold

When everyone started suggesting “Pat Robertson Buy Gold” I’ll bet it was too late because Pat already had a truck load of gold by then. I like to watch the 700 Club now and then and I also  like to  listen to Pat’s comments on the futures markets as well as the state of our economy. I managed my own futures account once and traded commodities but never bought gold that way playing the short term swings.

Pat Robertson likes to buy and stock up on Gold

He comments on owning gold in the video below in Particular buying gold bars over gold coins. I have the same preference for owning gold bars over gold coins. At least with certified small gold bars you do not have to prove there worth.

Where I Like to buy gold online. Click Here  I acquire small amounts of certified ‘spendable’ gold without using out of pocket money. They are light years ahead of others when it comes to delivering and storing gold for free. They  have a lot more to offer than simply selling gold.



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