Do You Invest Gold

Do You Invest In Gold?

Do You Invest GoldOnce upon a time in a self managed trading account far far away … I traded futures contracts for a living! although I was a technical trader back then (I studied chart patterns, cycles, divergence, convergence, bell curves, candle sticks, etc) I often hung out on social sites / forums and groups to keep up with the latest news and strategies. I would often see questions like Do you invest in gold? What forms of gold should I invest in? Should I invest in rare gold coins? Is investing in gold bullion a better idea? Who can you trust if you want to buy gold? What is the easiest way to sell gold? Can I safely invest in gold online?

I didn’t invest in gold futures contracts back then because they were very volatile and they required huge margins. One gold futures position could very easily wipe you out because of fake news or random volatility.

I don’t care what any broker says. Investing in stocks and futures can be hazardous to your account! You never know who’s on the sidelines ready to buy and push it up or … sell, sell, sell and drive it down!

Turns out there has been a lot of (fake) gold selling over the years (done on paper) to drive prices artificially down. See Gold price fixing

I always loved the idea of owning physical gold! In my own opinion … one day physical gold holders will no longer accept fiat currency for their gold. Gold in hand is safe from computer glitches. If it’s privately minted, it’s not subject to confiscation. ( With coins you are just the “bearer” … not the owner!) Physical gold in hand will always be worth something. ( Unlike fiat currency and expiring expiring contracts.)

Why Are Countries And Financial Institutions Hoarding Gold But Keeping It A Secret?

Do You Invest In Gold For A Hedge?

Robert Kiyosaki also invests in gold. He thinks those who don’t are “LOSERS”

So, Should You Invest In Gold?

I’m not allowed to give financial/investing advice. According to the FTC, Only  registered, certified trade/investment advisors can give investment advice or tell you what to buy.  So …please consult your registered investment advisor before investing in gold!

Personally, I see gold as an excellent hedge against inflation. It’s liquid. Experts advise 5 to 20% of your portfolio be in precious metals. Gold has always been in high demand and considered ‘real money’ in many countries.

I Shared This Video With A Few Friends  … They Decided They Didn’t Have A Choice. “They Had To Invest In Gold”


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Pat Robertson Has Invested In Gold (700 Club)

Pat suggested everyone should acquire gold because gold prices where headed up. Sure enough guess what happened! Pat Robertson likes to buy gold because he knows our government keeps printing money and it may seem like the cost of everything is going up, but it’s the purchasing power of the dollar that’s going down.

See the video Pat Robertson Investing in gold