HYIPs and earn percent programs now illegal

Is being in a  HYIP and Revenue share now against the law?

Even so, many are still searching the net for:

Earn 2$ daily
What investments are paying about 2% per day
Investments with 1 percent return every day
Earn 2 percent daily
Online investments 2percent a day

“There has been some rumors circulating on the net about a new law going into effect on Aug 1 2013. It says that it was on Fox News but I can’t seem to find anything concerning it.” Has anyone else heard about this?

“I am not sure if many of you heard the latest news that was released on FOX News that USA has implemented a NEW LAW that will come into the effect starting in August 2013.”

“I was kind of shocked when I had received the phone call explaining that to me. Canada is to be followed (as usual) with any changes that USA implies.”

In short form what it is:

ALL HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) that offer any kind of % (percentage)
of $ (dollars) returned within specific time will be ILLEGAL.

Any REVENUE SHARE opportunities that offer some kind of % (percentage)
of $ (dollars) returned within specific time will be ILLEGAL.

There will be some kind of exceptions to certain types but I do not have those details yet.

Anyone who is the owner of such opportunity or belongs to it or promotes or signs up,
will be heavily fined and/or could be even imprisoned.


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