Best Investment Vehicle

In Search Of The Best Investment Vehicle

best-investment-vehiclesI became interested investment vehicles in my early 20s. Back then I hardly had two nickles to rub together so I looked at things that were highly leveraged. ( Like futures and penny stocks )

Penny stock vehicle …. WHAT A RIDE THAT WAS

I looked for technical chart patterns. (Technical analysis) and did my best to acquire the facts before investing. Penny stocks are much harder to investigate because they are not obligated to file with the SEC.

Best Investment Vehicle chart

Penny stock investors assume the news releases and earnings reports are correct. Investors also assume that the management team is also competent and honest, but these assumptions are dangerous!

A couple of penny stocks I invested in did a reverse splits shortly after positive news releases.  Part of their plan to unload?  Then they can again sell as many shares as they was originally registered to do so right? Also, I learned on the forums that foreign countries don’t have to play by our rules when it comes to investing in penny stocks. For example: They can short our penny stocks without the huge margins? I think that would help explain some of the people in the forums bad mouthing the penny stocks I invested in  ( It’s easier to scare someone into selling than convince them to buy it seems.)

After 10 years of being in and out of the markets ( including futures )  I now share Robert Kiyosaki’s sentiment.  “Common stocks are for common people” We have no control. We don’t know what’s going on. …And it’s all based on fiat currency.

I now use a system to acquires precious metals without using out of pocket money. The metal has appreciated in value the past 5000 years and has been hoarded by kings, countries and the rich.


“Do You Invest In Gold”